day 3 - pm

i completely changed my original schedule for the rest of the day and am pretty gald i did.

i was going to take two workshops on Flash Lite - the version of flash for mobile use like in cellphones, etc. and one called "rapid e-learning yada, yada" (ok, i added those)

i thought it would be cool to find out about how to do flash for the mobile market, but, after the 1st few days here i realized that until i start working for someone who makes content for cellphones in japan or europe, i was wasting my time. there isn't really any market in the u.s. for it b/c the cellphone companies won't release phones with flash here until we all get sick of the ones they sell now. that could be a while.

the e-learing thing, i figured, was going to be a lot like the one i went to sunday. once was enough.

so, i got into a 90 min hands-on workshop - "using the power of xml w/dreamweaver"

this one, not suprisingly, was about using dreamweaver w/xml, something i've wanted to get my head around for a while now. xml is powerful stuff if you want to have dynamic content - and so much easier when it's already there like in an RSS feed. the basics were covered and by jove, i think i've got it. the hands-on ones are so much better - since you actually do stuff.


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