day 3 - pt1

damn am i tired. maybe it's the time change, i don't know.

but the guy who did my 8am workshop this morning had this to say "8am's tough when you have a lobby like the marriott." that was his excuse and he guessed everyone else's, too.

not me.

Art of encoding video:
the new flash 8 is really great when it comes to video. problem is, the version 8 player has only been around for a month or so. so, all the cool things you can do with it; alpha channels, etc. won't be usable until more people have it. regardless, it looks pretty darn good.

character animation w/flash, photoshop&flash-optimizing pixels, what's new in flash 8;
got some good tips out of these. can't wait to use it.

advanced actionscript 2.0:
maybe a bit too advanced. mostly about flash remoting which is a bit over my head.


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