day 1, too

i learned that although we often mock powerpoint, it's what pretty much everyone in the corporate world uses. this is why macromedia created captivate and breeze - so you can try to make powerpoint more interesting.

sad, but true. brush up on your powerpoint everyone.

"learn advanced powerpoint"' "avoid clip art - invest in stock images", use: "animations", "audio to enforce concepts", "templates","graphics in place of bullets"

then, if you'd like, stick it into captivate or breeze.

or not. it's really up to you.


Blogger Sarah said...

on the other hand, see this presentation as an example of how PowerPoint can be interesting: http://www.identity20.com/media/OSCON2005/

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Jules said...

Or as Tufte would say . . .

9:08 AM  

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