day 2 - pm

lunch was pretty darn good. met a guy who works @ a company that just got aquired by macromedia in edinburgh scotland. guess he'll be working for adobe soon.

oh, yeah. that reminds me. the ceo of adobe was the last speaker b4 lunch. a large part of the 3,000 people in the room left. not a lot of love there, you can tell.

afternoon sessions:

Advanaced CSS, Dreamweaver Killer Tips, and Creating Richer & More Maintainable Sites w/CSS. see note below about them being too darn quick. getting what i can out of them, but sure glad i printed up the presentations beforehand.

now i need to find some dinner.

get this! ran into a guy that works at my old ad agency in NYC! i thought for sure i wouln't know anyone at this thing. (we weren't too close then, and we met in the men's room, so it was quick) but small frickin' world, huh?


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