day 3 - am

started the day with "Drawing in Flash 8" with Michael Ninness. He works for lynda.com and knows his stuff. (he ran one of the other's i took before, too). it was a good session with hints on how to deal with the drawing tools in flash and how it's been updated for studio 8.

next was "Extending Dreamweaver"

now, i'm not sure about you, but reading the title made me think it was about some of the cool extensions out there for Dreamweaver and how to use them. but, no. it was about making your own extensions, which is an extremely diffenet ball of wax my friend. not really somthing i plan on doing anytime soon, but interesting anyway.

lunch. the lunches have become decidedly less fancy as max goes on. oh, well, it's still free. (contrary to what my dad used to tell me, there are free lunches in america)


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